We are best at “Crew Management”

The crew onboard is the most important part for any vessel’s safe and smooth operation and hence the key for Pearl Maritime Services Pvt Ltd, success. Our team is always prepared to take the additional mile in order to ensure the open line of communication with our customers.

Our crew management package is designed to satisfy the requirements of our customers:

recruiting and selecting seafarers in compliance with international regulations and according to customer requirements;

employing the highest standard of seafarers to ensure safe operation of the vessels, safety of personnel and prevention of marine pollution;

managing the ships in accordance with sound management practices, vessel management contracts and company’s Management System;

supplying crewmembers with an individual care and treatment through high communication levels between the ship and the Personnel Department;

establishing an open communication with feedback sending and receiving;

providing an established and reputable worldwide network of Crewing Agencies;

passing on economies of scale due to our market presence;

protecting the crew from consequences of sea perils and monitoring their welfare ensuring availability of adequate insurance covers;

ensuring availability of sufficiently qualified crew onboard to respond to emergencies;

keeping our customers fully informed about personnel issues affecting the performance of the vessel;

offering continuous trainings for enhancing shipboard performance.